Should I Stay or Should I Go

The FZGG was invited by the Niko Movement Streetart Festival to do an artwork in the abondened Bamboo Teafactory at Ozurgeti / Guria / Georgia.

The work shows our interpretation of a typical gurian house and a figure on the roof between staying and walking away. The house is 4 metres long 5.2 metres wide and including the figure the installation has a height of 5.10 metres. The painting interprets political and social contexts in georgia and shows experiences and perceptions we had in georgia. After 2 weeks we finished it and invited the neighbours for a little opening.

This was an awsome time and we say thx! to the Niko Movement, Sandro, Data, Pablo, Ksaya, Nick and the other artist Sasha, Matze, Masha, Maxim. Also to Nino, Rebel Art and the Opium Theatre. And Tom for his patience with us and his precious practical support.

We owe the fact that the trip was possible at all to the Culture Move Europe @culturemoveseurope and the Goethe Institut @goetheinstitut Big thx! for supporting us and our art.